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Ian Welch Shiatsu Master


"Hi, my name is Joan. I feel a bit silly writing this letter as it seems such a silly problem. I went to see Ian just to get rid of stress in my life. During the case history, I told Ian that I had been suffering with mouth ulcers, and for 12 years it has consumed me. I didn't want to kiss my partner, it hurt when I ate, it hurt when I brushed my teeth, even when I had a good belly laugh it hurt. Ian said, "Oh, that's easy to sort out!"
"What can you do that the doctors cannot?" I asked. I had tried everything that the doctors could give me, with no effect whatsoever. In just one session with Ian, my ulcers vanished. You cannot believe what a joy it is to have a mouth free of sores. I went just for stress relief and got more that I could have wished for. Thank you again, Ian. X"