Ian Welch Swindon's Leading and Renowned Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master

Ian Welch Shiatsu Master

Treatment plan

I can offer two types of treatments to suit your budget.

1). This treatment is ½ hour long. Depending on what is wrong, you will either be on the floor, on a couch or in a chair. It is set up purely to work with the problem at hand. If you can't afford a whole treatment and you wish to be fixed then this is the best solution for you. I can normally fix most problems in just 1 ½ hour treatment. If you wish me to come to your home then it has to be a minimum of one hour plus travel.

½ hour treatment is £25.00

2). This treatment is one hour long. Within this hour the whole body is worked on. You will lay face down and face up on a futon. (I will use a couch or a chair if you are unable to get down onto the floor). I will work with the problem at hand and then the rest of the body. This has to be the most amazing experience for my clients. From the feedback I get, they say it's worth the extra £15.00

1 hour treatment £40.00