Ian Welch Swindon's Leading and Renowned Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master

Ian Welch Shiatsu Master

Shiatsu's Success

I will first take your case history. This will involve asking questions about your problem, when and how it started. I believe that most, if not all problems come from our emotional state of being. I have a gift of being able to read the emotions of a client. This helps me discover what is really going on in your world. Once this has been established, we are ready to start the treatment. Shiatsu is normally practised on the floor on a futon, with cushions and blankets if needed. The client will have to be wearing loose fitting clothing, as the treatments are done through the clothes. If you are unable to get down onto the floor then a couch will be used. The treatment starts face down in a comfortable position. I first start to tune into your body by placing my hands upon your back, when a connection is made and your body tells me what it is that you need. Then, I start with relaxing your body with rocking, stretching and massage. Acupressure points will be incorporated where needed. When all tension is released from the back and the legs, it is time to turn over and start on the front of the body.

There will be more stretching and gentle twisting of the spine and legs. The arms and hands are also stretched. Once again, acupressure points are used where needed.

I also use natural healing techniques to re-balance the Chakra system as well.

We have an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental body part of our whole being. I feel as a healer that you must work with all four of these bodies. With my treatment, I work with all four bodies, bringing back homeostasis (whole body balance).