Ian Welch Swindon's Leading and Renowned Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master

Ian Welch Shiatsu Master


"I am a professional dancer and have been for 15 years. My work life is full on and you have to be extremely dedicated, else you will lose your job. Two years into my career, my back and legs started to give me pain. At first I managed to dance through the pain, thinking to myself that it would soon sort itself out. However, it did not. I went to see the doctor and he said to take some painkillers. This helped at first, but I soon needed more and more pain killers and stronger ones too. It seemed that no one could fix me. I had resolved myself to accepting the pain and dancing through it. My life was a misery. My family and friends were suffering too - I was a bear with a sore head every day. As things have a habit of going their amazing way in life, I was guided to a healer called Ian Welch. I was open to anything. I did not care what it was, as long as it could give me my life back. After one treatment I had 50% less pain. After the sixth treatment I was completely cured of my sciatica. Ian said that he had never before met someone with as much determination as me. Thanks Ian, God bless you."