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Ian Welch Shiatsu Master

Reiki 1, 2 and 3

I can offer courses in Reiki 1, 2 and 3.
Reiki means light energy. It was discovered by a man called Dr. Usui from Japan. I won't go into the whole story of Dr. Usui. If you purchased my Reiki DVD's you will find a full explanation. Basically when you receive an attunement into Reiki, your body frequencies are transformed into a higher vibration. This enables you to channel light into your self and to help heal your mind body and soul.

During a Reiki 1 attunement, you will have Reiki symbols placed into your hands and body. This is done through the intention of the teacher.

Having an attunement is life changing! It has the ability to shift negative energy from the whole of you! This can be a bit bumpy at first as the negative energies leave your body. Once this has happened, most people feel a sense of euphoria. An uplifting positive life changing experience.

Over the years since Reiki has come to the UK it has received some very bad press. This was due to some very greedy teachers who wanted to make lots of money from tuning people into Reiki energy. It has settled down now and this has left behind the dedicated and true teachers of Reiki.

In my films you will see that I recommend that you spend time choosing your teacher well. Your teacher should reflect what he or she is willing to place upon you. A set of Reiki symbols is only as good as the teachers well being. If your teacher has hang ups, or is negative, this can and will have a detrimental effect upon your life. Remember when you have an attunement you are also being attuned to the frequency of the teacher as well. Let me explain.. If you have an attunement from a dirty glass, you will be effected by the dirt that is the glass. If you have an attunement from a clean clear glass, your attunement will be pure. What goes in will come out!

I have had to retune many students of Reiki, from a bad teacher . I don't like the use of the word Reiki Master with most people. How can you be a master with only a few weeks experience? I have had 20 years using Reiki and 12 years as a natural healer. I feel that I can justify the use of the word Master. I am still learning and growing in strength.

Reiki 1 is about healing you!

Reiki 2 is about healing you further and you are then able to help others when you feel you are up to it.

Reiki 3 is about you being able to tune others into the Reiki frequencies.

I have tuned people from all walks of life and from all religions. Ultimately it enhances who you already are! Its makes to be a better you!

These courses are normally held over two days. Most people come along at weekends. I can offer mid week course too.

You will receive a certificate and a Reiki manual.

Price will be agreed over the phone for each course undertaken.
Both days will start at 10.00am and finish at 4.00pm. Please bring a snack for lunch. Tea will be provided.
Maximum of 12 persons per class.