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'Hi, my name is Jan and I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy. After a few weeks, his body started to become red all over. I took him to the doctors to see what was wrong. My doctor said that my baby had a skin condition. I asked what could be done to help and he gave me steroid creams to rub on his body. I did not like the idea of putting such harsh creams on his body at such a young age. As more weeks went by, his skin was getting worse. When he turned his head the skin on and around his neck would split and bleed. Then it was all over his body. Every joint was splitting and bleeding. I had to soak his bedding in the mornings to release the dried blood. After six months of this, I was getting desperate for a cure, for someone to help my little boy. One day, a friend of mine's cousin had gone to see a healer and said that he had cured her of whiplash. I got this healer's number and made an appointment straight away. I asked Ian if he had ever helped babies with this problem before? He said that this was the first time that he had seen anything like this. He was very confident that he could help. As I sat on the floor with Ian holding my baby, I watched him and asked what he was doing. He said that because of the traumatic birth of my baby, it had distorted his meridian lines. I had no idea what he was talking about. He said that we are all born with them and if they get out of balance we suffer. Ian held my boy like a mother would and gently touched all over his little body. After just 20 minutes, he had finished.
"Has it worked?" I asked (I was desperate). He said that I will know in the morning. The next day when I woke, I rushed into my boys room. I dared not look! I screamed! My boy was stood up in his cot holding the bars for support. His skin had completely cleared up. I sat and cried for some time.

I went back the following week so Ian could take another look at him. He was so pleased for both of us. I can't thank you enough Ian. Xxxx"