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I shall tell this story as it truly happened.

I was working with a family, giving everyone healing - Mum, Dad and children. This was a very busy family life and they all lived full on lives. After a year of giving healing to the family, I was contacted by the mother.
"Hello Ian how are you?"
"Fine." I said. I could sense something was brewing! Caroline said,
"You know that you have been working on my family for a year now and we love it?"
"Do you work with animals?"
"Yes, of course." I said. What's the problem?

It was her cat, Ellie. Some months back she had contracted cancer. The vets took the cat in and gave her treatments of chemo. This was having no effect - except from making the cat more and more sick. The cancer was between the back legs and the size of an orange.
"Can you come over?" she said, "She needs your help."
I couldn't promise anything as the cat sounded as though she was on death's door. When I arrived, Caroline took me into the kitchen. She told me wait while she went to get Ellie. She brought the cat into the room on a cushion The cat looked like she was already dead. We sat on the floor with Ellie between us. The cat didn't even stir. Caroline had tears in her eyes and was looking at me expectantly. This was a lot of pressure on me. I placed my hands over the area where the cancer was and closed my eyes. I felt a tremendous heat in my hands then tremendous pain. It felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the centre of my palm. After 20 minutes, the pain in my hand stopped and the heat went. I opened my eyes to see Caroline weeping. I looked down to see that Ellie had lifted her head from the pillow. Caroline said that she had been too weak to do that. Then Ellie got up just enough to rub her head in the centre of my palm. "I think that Ellie is thanking me!" Caroline said that Ellie has only ever done that to her before.

I was asked if she would be alright. I said that if she was still alive in the morning, she may well pull through.
"Please call me." I said.
Cutting the story short, the cancer vanished and Ellie survived. The vets were astounded and said that sometimes cancer can go into remission. The vets had said to put the cat down it would be the kindest thing.


All animals respond completely to Shiatsu and healing. They have no hang ups, no preconceived ideas and no blockages to the love that comes. We humans are so fearful, and do you know what happens to something that you fear? It comes to you like a magnet.

I have been called to give Shiatsu to many horses. Most have muscle problems, which are very straightforward to fix. The hardest problems are to do with the emotional body (it's the same with humans). You might think me a bit weird with this story. I was called to give healing to a horse that, for some strange reason, had started to throw it's riders off. This was a problem as this horse was for children to ride. When I arrived at the farm where the horse was livered, I was taken to a white horse in the middle of the field. I was then told that this horse did not like men (She could have told me that before!). I am able to speak with animals and I told the horse that I was there to help. She seemed to respond well to this. First, I was guided to a muscular problem. This I fixed very quickly. I was then guided to take the horse into the stable. I had my 2 young children with me at the time. The owner of the horse could now see that the limp had gone. The horse then showed me a vision of its previous owners. They were beating her with sticks and were all men. When I shared this with the owner, she told me that she had bought the horse from some men who were very unkind to their horses. She was as shocked as I was by this story. I then stood there in the stable with my palms facing the horse, directing healing energies towards her. The horse stepped back and bowed in front of me. The owner had never seen any horse do that before. I wonder what the horse was seeing?


Wherever I go, I have dogs coming up to me and asking me for healing. Their owners are most surprised. Animals can see the energy field that surrounds all living things, especially dogs and cats. There have been so many stories of healing dogs that it is hard to choose just one story. I have given Shiatsu on a Shitsu in Sweden (that was so funny). A lot of the time with dogs, it has to do with digestive problems. First, it has to do with the proceeded rubbish that is given to our four legged friends. You know what dogs are like - they will eat anything. This causes immense stress upon the digestive system. Constantly going to the toilet, very smelly wind and bloating.

First, I re-balance the dog's digestive system by removing excess energy. Then, I use healing (laying on of hands), which the dogs love most, to take away the weakness. Next, I ask the owners to change the dog's diet to one that is suitable for all dogs. This is a raw food diet. Raw meat and bones, raw vegetables and no carbohydrates whatsoever! Carbohydrates are not just bad for us, they are also very bad for dogs. If you want a healthy dog, and poo that you can pick up from the ground easily when going for a walk, cut out the carbohydrates. Your dog will be more vibrant and healthy.

I have also healed several dogs with cancer, with great success. The cancer has always been in the gut or large intestine, all caused by the processed food they eat. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!