Ian Welch Swindon's Leading and Renowned Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master

Ian Welch Shiatsu Master

Ian The Shiatsu and Rieki Master

I have been a healer now for 32 years. I was guided to a spiritualist church when I was 19. I was told that I had a natural gift of healing. I mentioned this to my Nan and she told me of an ongoing painful problem. She had a frozen shoulder caused by an injection that went wrong. She had been suffering for five years and some days she was unable to use her arm. I wasn't sure what to do, or even if it would work, but I placed my hands upon her shoulder and thought of healing. She said that her shoulder and arm was getting hot. It was so hot that she thought that I was going to burn her. The next day she called me and said that her pain had vanished. It never came back!

As you can imagine, this shocked me. I wanted to know how and why it worked. Within the next few months, I was going out to visit people with all kinds of problems, some so big that I was quite afraid to touch them!

Everyone was being fixed without fail (I can't use the word cured, as the powers that control us won't let me).

At the time, my main profession was a builder. It was funny - when I built someone's extension, I would then fix their bodies. I was getting quite a name back then. After a while, I began getting itchy feet. I wanted to do healing rather than building. This set me on the path of Shiatsu. After nearly five years of study at the KI Kia Shiatsu school in London, I became a qualified practitioner. I then gave up building and practised full time. After years of travelling the world and learning new skills as a healer from those people that were guided to me, I feel that I can offer a fully comprehensive treatment for all ages.

Shiatsu is also an excellent treatment for all animals. I have fixed many horses, dogs, cats and birds, much to the delight of their owners. The animals were the most appreciative.

I am qualified in many areas of healing and have 32 years of success at fixing 95% of all problems.