Ian Welch Swindon's Leading and Renowned Shiatsu Practitioner and Reiki Master

Ian Welch Shiatsu Master


'My name is Koji. I live in Japan. I got to the UK every year to take photos of fighter jets and put them into a magazine. My favourite place is Bala in North Wales. This is where I met Ian. We spoke about my work, my home and my family. I told him that I had been married now for five years. He asked if I had children. I told him that there was a problem in this area. He told me to lay on his futon and he would see what was wrong. He said that my base Chakra was blocked and very weak. I was very pleased with his diagnosis as I had some understanding of Chakras. He gave me a Shiatsu treatment and healed my base Chakra. He said that I would be better now and not to be surprised if my wife becomes pregnant. Four months later my wife fell pregnant and we had a beautiful girl. I am not really sure how Ian did it, but thanks to him we have a family now.'