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How Does Shiatsu Work?

Our modern lives today are full of stress. We have very little time left for ourselves, for relaxation and recuperation. We bombard our bodies every day with toxins. These toxins come in the form of what we eat, what we drink, where we sit in our workplace, the journey we take everyday to get to and from work, smoking, heavy drinking, lack of exercise and lack of sleep. Since our organs are there to remove waste from what we put into our bodies, they become over worked and worn out. It's surprising that our poor bodies can actually survive at all. The very fabric of our bodies is a storage unit for energy. It has now been proven that water molecules are storage units for memory. Water molecules will take on board any given programme, be it chemical or an emotional response. Our bodies are also made up from silicon. This too is a storage unit used for memory - good energy and bad energy. Everything is either positive or negative energy flow.

Yin and yang.
Dark and light.
Hot and cold.
Hard and soft.
Black and white.
Good and evil.

One cannot exist without the other.
What happens to us humans is that one of these becomes out of balance. What Shiatsu can achieve is to bring back the balance within our sensitive bodies, creating harmony once more. We were never meant to have such stressful, toxic lives, so we must maintain balance as best we can.

We need to give as much help and support to our bodies as we possibly can. When giving a treatment, a practitioner will be able to discover which elements are out of balance. Then, using stretching, acupressure points and manipulation of the spine, they will help the body to recover from stress placed upon it. When being stretched, be it legs, arms or spine, we are allowing the toxins to be released from the muscle groups. When our organs are depleted of energy, we can stimulate the energy points of the body to re-energise them. Shiatsu is also a preventative.

We are always being told that prevention is better than cure. Having regular Shiatsu treatments will bring joy to the body. Life becomes easier and more bearable.
In the hands of a gifted and qualified Shiatsu practitioner, we can survive the harshness of our environment and soothe our sensitive bodies.