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Distant healing

For those who cannot find time, or just cannot make it out of their house, distant healing is another option that I can confidently offer, as a method of bringing you comfort and healing through the airways.

Distant healing has worked throughout Earth's history. It was commonly known as prayer. It starts with the intention of the person who is praying. What I do is to have the person in my mind and in my heart. I then tune into the problem that they have. I see that person being free of all pain and for the light of the universe to flood their body. This is very effective.

When I tune into a person or animal, I can actually feel that person in my hands. It is like touching them in person. The feed back from people, that have contacted me, say they feel a sense of peace come over them. They say they have a wonderful nights sleep and wake the next day feeling refreshed. Their problem greatly diminished.

Some may say that it is all in the mind! They may say that it is a placebo effect! I have performed many double blind tests to prove that this is not the case. Here is one such example!

A daughter of a man who in his 90's, with skin cancer, in terrible pain, contacted me. She asked if I could do anything for her dad? I asked if he would be up for some healing? She said, he does not believe in things like that! I said that I can offer him distant healing. She said that that would be fine. She did not tell her dad what was about to happen! The next day I received a phone call from the daughter. Her dad's skin cancer had stopped itching! He said that he had one of the best night's sleep ever! He had woken up feeling very positive!

She has not mentioned that I had given him distant healing. He would have scoffed at this.

Here is another example.
The other day a lady called me asking for advice about Cancer! She has an inoperable Cancer of the liver. I gave her plenty of advice and help in the right direction. After the phone call I tuned into her name and voice and the problem. I spent 20 minuets giving her distant healing. I felt the energy of the Cancer come into my hands, and I new, that something positive was happening.

The next day her daughter rang me. She wanted to know what information I had given her mum? After telling her all about Cancer, I asked her how her mum is feeling today? She said that her mum woke this morning feeling very positive and very much alive. She went out to the shops and was smiling all day. The strange thing for me, was that her daughter also had some how received healing as well! She said that she also had the best nights sleep for a long time.

If you would like to experience distant healing, this is what you need to do.

Send me a photo of your self
Send me your full name and date of birth
Describe the problem that your suffering with
Send a cheque for £20 payable to Ian Welch
Send me your address and telephone number

The reason for the exchange of money is for the person to value what has taken place. In the past I have given freely of my healing abilities, only to have them abused! When a charge is made and money exchanged the person feels a sense of worth.

Once I have received your cheque I will contact you, and let you know when I shall be tuning into you. You won't be disappointed.